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Homeopathic Medicines in Europe

The AEHA is an alliance of German homeopathic practitioners associations, including homeopathic medical doctors, Heilpraktikers (non medical homeopaths) and charity status associations. Our shared concern is the full availability of high quality homeopathic medicines in Germany and in Europe, for the benefit of all patients.

The AHEA cooperates with the European umbrella associations European Committee of Homeopathy ECH and European Central Council of Homeopaths ECCH, both advocate our joint aims on a European level. Other dialogue partners are patients associations, CAM associations, competent authorities, politicians and manufacturers.

Using the menu on the left, you will find introductory information, positions and background information.

The English section of this website does not provide a full translation of the German website. Some of the documents are available in German only. Others documents esp. from our European partner associations may be available in English only.